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Attention: For people who’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing has worked

Use These Proven Meditation and Self-Hypnosis Sessions to Control Cravings, Control Portions and Control Emotional Eating (in as little as 15 minutes a day!)

Start Sleeping Your Weight Away Today

Your weight loss transformation is only a click away

Catherine Johnson now fits into her nurses uniform from when she was 18.

From: Mark Stephens
Sydney, Australia

If you want to lose weight in 7 days, you are in the right place.

In the next few minutes, I’ll reveal to you the secret to making any diet work. You will also find out what self-hypnosis is and why so many people are having amazing results with the MindFree app.

The Fact is – Diets Don’t Work for Most People

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people who start a diet or weight loss program never finish it?

Did you also know that most people continue to do the same old thing over and over while never addressing the underlying problem?

We surveyed over 3,000 people as to the main reasons why people fail on diets time and again.

The top reasons were:

  • bad habits
  • emotional eating
  • stress eating
  • sugar cravings
  • carb addiction
  • portion control
  • poor sleep

If you have any of these challenges, a diet will not fix the condition.

Here’s the problem you face: If you continue to do the same old thing over and over again and never change your mindset, you’ll keep getting the same old results.

 The fact is, emotional eating, stress eating and portion problems all impact your weight and health.

According to the Australian Medical Association obesity is a risk factor for:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • hypertension
  • stroke
  • knee and back problems
  • gall bladder disease
  • osteoarthritis
  • sleep apnoea
  • shortened life expectancy

Why take the risk?

Did you know more than 60% of Australian adults are overweight or obese?

The good news is, because obesity is a lifestyle illness, you can change your lifestyle, meaning you can change your weight and your health. And this all starts with your mind. Your mind holds the key.

The Secret to Making Any Diet Work is All in Your Mind

Download everything you need to control cravings, control portions and control emotional eating all in the comfort of your own home on your phone.

It’s not going to cost you a cent to get started and see results within 7 days. Click below right now to start.

15 minutes – and no effort whatsoever

You Can Start Seeing Results in As Little as 15 Minutes A Day

Below are just a few examples of people who have transformed their lives by learning the MindFree app’s unique method of meditation combined with self-hypnosis to shed the kilos. Now it’s your turn

You are about to discover how to lose weight, even if you’ve tried everything!


The original Think Slim programme was created during the training of more than 300 weight loss consultants for one of the large weight loss organisations. For the next two decades the programme was constantly improved and refined based on client feedback and working closely with thousands of people trying to lose weight.

I’ve assisted people with every weight loss challenge you can imagine to transform their lives and now I’m looking forward to helping you.

If you’ve struggled with your weight and tried everything, you probably realise that weight loss is more about mindset and emotions than dieting.

Luckily for you, there’s a solution.

Once you have the MindFree App, you will learn how to hypnotise yourself, how to transform your mindset and feel better, meaning you can make healthier choices.

Most diets or ‘weight loss’ programs only address what to eat and what not to eat or how to exercise. If you’re like most people, you already know what to eat and what not to eat.

The last thing you need is another diet!

The MindFree app includes the original Think Slim program used successfully by thousands. Think Slim’s success stories have been featured hundreds of times in the media. Maybe you’ve seen some of these stories on A Current Affair, Today Show, Sunrise, Studio 10 and the Morning Show. Or maybe you’ve read about people’s amazing transformations in Woman’s Day, New Idea and the Daily Telegraph.

The MindFree app will help you:

  • control cravings
  • control portions
  • control emotional eating
  • break bad habits
  • switch off stress
  • sleep better
  • controlling anxiety
  • and so much more

There’s nothing to lose but your excess kilos.

“Now I just lie in bed to lose weight.” Catherine Johnston

One Woman’s Experience

“I tried everything in the book before I tried self-hypnosis. I had hurt my back, I had to do it – I decided on self-hypnosis. This was my last-ditch effort to lose weight. I believe diets fail because people haven’t got their mind in it. Now I just lie in bed to lose weight. I’m feeling absolutely, completely in control of my health now that I am in control of my mind. Diets don’t cut it, they don’t last. I think your health is something you have to respect as you get older, and keep in check. In terms of the app, I listen to it every morning and every night in bed. I basically wake up to it and go to sleep with it, and lose weight overnight. It’s fantastic. I am as happy as a pig in mud. I can’t contain my happiness and I can’t get rid of my smile.” Catherine Johnston

What is the MindFree App?

It is not another fad diet.

It is not a weight loss or exercise programme – although it will motivate you to eat less and move more.

It is not about counting calories – however, it will help you make healthier food choices and cut back on portions.

This is a weight loss programme for your mind. The MindFree App uses a unique combination of meditation and hypnosis sessions designed to help you overcome food challenges and emotional baggage.

Being overweight starts in the mind, exists in the mind and therefore needs to be dealt with in the mind.


Meditate your Weight Away

Sit back, close your eyes and listen. It’s that easy.

Prefer to speak to a MindFree App consultant
– call 1300 76 00 73


Take back your power and be the best, healthiest version of yourself.

The MindFree App will help you reprogramme your mind so you can;

  • break bad habits
  • control cravings
  • control portions
  • overcome sugar addiction
  • feel motivated to exercise
  • stop emotional eating
  • eliminate stress eating

“Australia’s greatest weight loss story ever” A Current Affair

How many other weight-loss companies, diet experts or fitness trainers helped one person lose 207kg? 


One International headline stated:

“An Australian man has broken the national record for weight loss, after losing over 200kg through hypnotherapy”

The fact is, the MindFree App works! Australia’s heaviest man shed 207 kilos using the power of his mind with the sessions on the MindFree App. This is an Australian record for any method of weight loss. Jordan used the earlier model of the MindFree App known as the Think Slim programme.

Jordan’s Story

Jordan went from a size 13XL to a single XL

“I tried every diet known, but none of the weight loss programs addressed the mental and emotional aspects – and the fact is, that was what was really weighing me down. Every problem you can have with weight issues, I have had. Every night I fell asleep listening to Mark’s Think Slim sessions. If you need help, make sure you get hold of Mark. Don’t wait as long as I did. Do it – you won’t look back.” Jordan

Now you too can use the same method and exact sessions Jordan used. This is the secret to making any diet work.


Meditate Your Weight Away

Sit back, close your eyes and listen. It’s that easy.

Get a 7-day free trial of the MindFree app

Call 1300 76 00 73


From Medication to Meditation

“My doctor was shocked and asked me, Kristalee what have you been doing?

I laughed and said, ‘Hypnosis’. At the end of the conversation she said, ‘It looks like Mark has been able to do what a doctor couldn’t.’ I feel alive again. Your MindFree program has set my mind free, literally.”  Kristalee Caylen 

Four Doctors Agree to The Benefits

Don’t take our word for it. Read what these doctors have said about the MindFree method of hypnosis.

“I am still amazed every day by the results.” Dr Karen Richardson GP

“This Is a simple, inexpensive prescription any of us can follow. I firmly believe the techniques described by Mark should be taught to all high school students.” Dr Katherine Willis-Sullivan MD

“I’m your client Kristalee’s GP. She has been doing hypnosis through your app. I’m writing in to thank you for all she’s achieved in this short period. Krystalee has started meditating and thus medicating less. I’ve been recommending MindFree to other patients who could benefit.”  Dr Arti Vaid GP

 “Your Think Slim program is a major advance in the treatment of obesity.” Dr Neil Peace MD

Still not sure? Listen to what this psychologist had to say

“Mark, I believe your techniques are the most exciting, comprehensive and life-changing ones that I have encountered. Thank you so much for your time, energy and amazing techniques.”
Anne Chalker, Psychologist, Sydney


Reprogramme Your Mind for Success

The best way to describe how the MindFree app changes your mindset is to use a computer analogy.

You get to install new software into your subconscious habit mind, so all of a sudden you wake up one day and think to yourself, ‘I want to go for a walk, or I want to go to the gym, or I want to eat something healthy.’

This new software you install in your mind is done by self-hypnosis. No-one else is reprogramming you. You are reprogramming yourself.


A Slimmer You Starts Now

Eat Half as Much and Feel Twice as Satisfied

Tziporah Malkah (formally known as Kate Fischer) learnt how to eat mindfully and meditate away 50kg.

TZIPORAH MALKAH (previously Kate Fischer) loses 50kg

As seen on Sunday Night, A Current Affair, Today, Today Extra and The Morning Show and featured in New Idea and on Nine Honey.



“I’d been dieting and binge eating since I was eight. It’s been a lifelong condition. I’ve done everything, met every guru and been on every diet. I even had lap band surgery and had the lap band removed, but Mark is the real deal. To not be agonising over food and thinking about it all the time feels amazing.” Tziporah Malkah

Learn to meditate the weight away with Australia’s celebrity Hypnotherapist Mark Stephens


What is in the MindFree app?

What do I get?

You get more than 400 sessions which include:  

  • The Original Hypnotic Lap Band
  • Crush the Cravings
  • Portion Control
  • Mindful Eating
  • No Need for Sugar
  • Drink More Water
  • Excuse Destroyer
  • Hypnocise – Get Up and Move
  • Sit Less Move More
  • Burn the Fat
  • Deep Natural Sleep
  • and hundreds more sessions

At Your Command – Hypnosis when you need it – when you want it


The MindFree App – Self-Hypnosis at Your Finger Tips

“I couldn’t walk to my letterbox”

Aussie Mum Loses 59kg to Compete in World Masters Games



“From my heaviest of 117 kg I am now down to 59KG. I’m so proud of myself. I have gone from struggling to get to my letter box to competing at the World Masters Games in Triathlon. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined competing in the World Masters Games in New Zealand. My advice, make a decision.”  Joanne Gibson

Are you ready to lose weight?

If you have any food addictions, struggle with cravings and portions, or have bad habits, we can help you.


Can everyone be hypnotised?

The fact is, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, therefore everybody can be hypnotised.

With clinical hypnosis, you learn how to harness your own mind power to work with you rather than against you. If you can sit back, close your eyes and listen, you can be hypnotised.

We understand how it feels to struggle with your weight. And when you’ve tried everything over and over again with minimal or no results, it’s time for a different approach. That’s why the MindFree app is with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s your personal support person, meditation teacher and hypnotherapy weight loss coach.

And the best part is, all you have to do is sit back, close your eyes and listen. It’s that simple.


The Future of Slimming is Here Now

Listen anywhere, anytime

Get Hypnotised and Meditate Your Weight Away

The MindFree App is with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the comfort of your own home

You can use the MindFree App in conjunction with any diet or weight loss program. You’ll discover how to change negative thought patterns into positive empowering ones. You will find out how to crush the old excuses and dump emotional baggage that may have been weighing you down or sabotaging your efforts. You will learn how to transform the old unhealthy habits into new healthy habits.

The MindFree app has been a real godsend and to have all this self-help in one application is amazing. No matter what time of the day or night, I know I have the comfort of listening to the mantras or being helped in getting to sleep, or whatever else I may need. Thank you again.” Gail

You Don’t Have to Pay a Fortune to Get Started

The MindFree app has helped everyday people who had spent thousands wasting their money and time on doomed diets. How much is not taking action costing you? How much time have you spent trying to fix the problem and not getting the results you want?

The MindFree App has 3 purchase options. If you select the lifetime subscription you get:



Don’t Risk a Single Red Cent – Get 10 Times the Value and Save 40%

The MindFree app is a fraction of the cost of every other weight loss program available and works out to less than 50 cents a day.  At either $12.99 per month or $297 for a Lifetime subscription, you will save thousands and finally get your mindset right so you can stick to any diet or weight loss plan.

The regular amount for the Lifetime subscription is $499, so at $297 that is a 40% discount, saving you $202.

The fact is, the MindFree app will save you money. It will end up costing you nothing.  If you spend more than $3 a week on any junk foods or unhealthy products you will actually save money.

Get your mindset right and get started today. 

This is a Limited Time Offer 

Lose the Weight and Keep It Off!

MindFree is the last self-help app you will ever need

We are so sure you’ll love the MindFree App, we are giving you the entire App and every program on it to try out for 7 days.  This offer is available with the Monthly and Annual Subscription plans.

What do I get?

  • more than 400 audio and video sessions
  • every Think Slim audio and video session ever published (200+ sessions)


On top of the original Think Slim Programme which was originally $297 you get almost 200 bonus Think Slim sessions worth hundred more plus every other program we have ever created.

SPECIAL BONUS #1HYPNOTIC LAP BAND: Get the entire bonus portion control programme including Australia’s ORIGINAL Hypnotic Lap Band. Value $149.95

SPECIAL BONUS #2HABIT BUSTER: normally exclusive to retreats and private therapy, the new Habit Buster program, which we have been advised should be its own stand-alone app, will help you break any habit in three minutes. Value PRICELESS

SPECIAL BONUS #3NEGATIVE ANCHORING: normally exclusive to retreats and private therapy, this newly added program will help you create an aversion to any problem food in as little as three minutes.  Value PRICELESS

SPECIAL BONUS #4THINK SLEEP 20 + sessions: learn how to fall asleep fast with our unique combination of meditation and self-hypnosis. Think Sleep gently guides you step by step to calm your mind and completely relax your body for a deep, peaceful sleep.Value $297

SPECIAL BONUS #5PAIN PROGRAM: retrain your brain to reduce pain with more than 20 self-hypnosis and meditation sessions specific to pain control. Value $297

SPECIAL BONUS #6THINK CALM: say goodbye to stress. In Think Calm, our yoga, tai chi, meditation and self-hypnosis sessions will help you destress and feel happy, meaning you will be less likely to eat for stress or emotional reasons. Value $147

SPECIAL BONUS #7PHOBIA FREE: you have 12 sessions to guide you step by step through the best ways to overcome your phobia. Value $197

SPECIAL BONUS #8MANTRA MEDITATIONS: this is meditation made easy with more than 50 short meditations. Priceless

SPECIAL BONUS #8THINK QUIT: the entire stop smoking program is loaded onto the MindFree app. Quitting has never been so easy. Value $297

SPECIAL BONUS #10AM and PM DAILY MEDITATIONS: the best time to meditate is as you are waking up and going to sleep. Our regularly added 15-minute new sessions will help you start and finish the day with a mental recharge or unwind, meaning you feel happier and more motivated. We have been advised this should be a stand-alone app. Value PRICELESS




SUPER SPECIAL BONUS #1THINK SLIM DIET MEAL PLAN: as an e-book. Get the entire Jordan meal plan that helped him lose 207kg. You will never need another diet plan again. This is only available with the MindFree app. $49.95

SUPER SPECIAL BONUS #2– You will automatically receive every new session and program we add to the MindFree app.

BONUSES GALORE – There are so many more programs and functions on the MindFree app including: confidence and motivation sessions, daily reminder function for drinking water, improving posture and more, plus Daily Affirmation and Daily Action Steps. You really need to use the app to realise the value of what is included.

Your weight loss transformation is only a click away

If you are overweight, don’t wait any longer.

The Meditation and Self-Hypnosis Secret Revealed

For approximately 15 minutes as you are waking up in the morning and just as you are going to sleep at night, your mind drifts between the alpha and theta brain wave frequency. This means you are already in the ideal state of mind to listen to guided meditations and self-hypnosis. This is the perfect time for you to reprogramme your mind for success.

The MindFree App installed on your phone is the secret to burning fat and getting in the best shape of your life, physically, emotionally and mentally. Every challenge you can imagine in relation to being overweight is addressed in the MindFree App.

You will have more than 400 sessions to help you at any time of day or night.

The problem is not what you put in your mouth, it’s what you put in your mind.

The MindFree App will help you reprogram your mind so you can:

  • control cravings
  • control portions
  • control emotional eating
  • break bad habits
  • feel motivated to exercise
  • eliminate stress eating

Changing your mindset is the key to making any diet work. With the MindFree App you can choose from hundreds of sessions specifically designed for weight loss.

The MindFree App can also be used in conjunction with any diet or weight loss programme and can even be used to support any weight loss surgery.

Banish cravings and emotional eating 24/7


So how do you do it?

It’s simple.

You open the app, you lie down and you listen to your favourite sessions as you relax.

Here is the best thing. The more you lie down, the more you relax, the better the results.

The MindFree App will help you:

  • break bad habits
  • eliminate sugar cravings
  • stop eating for emotional reasons
  • feel motivated towards more activity
  • enjoy the freedom of not having to diet
  • be free from the danger of over eating
  • increase willpower quickly and stick to your goal
  • overcome anxiety, depression and mood swings
  • free yourself from the temptation of late-night eating
  • learn to be completely satisfied with smaller portions of food
  • learn to say ‘no’ to junk food and start making smart food choices
  • eliminate emotional baggage and control emotional eating
  • use the power of your own mind to think slim from the inside out

There is so much you can get from the MindFree app and we are so sure you will love it and want to keep it forever that we are offering a free 7-day trial with the monthly and annual subscription

Alternatively, you can order the lifetime subscription and get our 30-day money back guarantee.


All you need to do is sit back, close your eyes and listen. It’s that easy.


The MindFree App covers practically every problem you can imagine in relation to being overweight.

The MindFree App helps you tackle the mental components to slimming that get left out of every diet and weight loss program.

Get started today with the MindFree app and you won’t look back.

For a limited time, you can save 40% and get the lifetime subscription for only $297.

The RRP on the MindFree app is $499. Try the app now at the special introductory discount. Save a whopping 40%, meaning you save $202.

If you use the app once a day for a year, it works out to less than $1 a day.


We are so confident you will love the MindFree app, we are offering a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Try it with this guarantee:  if, after listening to the MindFree meditation and self-hypnosis sessions for 30 days, you do not agree that the MindFree app helps you control cravings, control portions and control emotional eating, we offer you a full no-questions-asked, prompt and courteous refund.

You have nothing to lose except the kilos.

Simply click the button below and start sleeping your weight away NOW.

All you need is a mobile phone and you can learn self-hypnosis without doing a chicken dance. Instead you lay down, relax and reprogramme your mind for weight loss success.

Don’t Miss Out!

The 40% discount is only for a limited time.  Learn to control cravings, control portions and control emotional eating.

Get Hypnotised, Anywhere, Anytime

As seen on A Current Affair December 2020

1.8  million views – WATCH VIRAL VIDEO NOW

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The MindFree App Does Six Things You Want:

  • control emotional eating
  • control comfort eating
  • control stress eating
  • control sugar cravings
  • control carb addiction
  • control negative self-talk

In the MindFree App, you are guided to overcome all these challenges and more.


I am looking forward to supporting you in overcoming your challenges and reaching your goal weight. Slimming down, breaking bad habits, overcoming sugar addiction and controlling emotional eating is not as hard as you think when you have the right help. Thousands of hours have been put into creating the MindFree App to be that help.

To your health, happiness and a slimmer you.
Mark Stephens and the MindFree App team

P.S. If you haven’t started yet, click the button below to enjoy all the benefits of the MindFree App.

P.P.S. The MindFree App at $297 for a Lifetime subscription or $12.99 for a monthly subscription is a no brainer. We look forward to hearing about your success.

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